Tyre Emberstorm

Tyre is a 17 year old apprentice spellsword following in the footsteps of her father, Erich. Through her training, she's able to infuse her weapons with magical energy that can unleash devastatingly powerful strikes. Uniquely, she is also able to control the four elements of fire, ice, acid, and electricity by tapping into power within herself. However she hasn't yet mastered control over it.

Because of her lineage, or perhaps in spite of it, she's a bit rebellious. She's grown tired of everyone having preconceived expectations of her, and despite the fact that she's extremely intelligent, she tends to not apply herself as fully as she can. As a result, she flunked out of the academy to enter the Holy Militia, which earns her a lot of scolding from the older "stuffed shirts".

Asta Blackrose

Asta is the 18 year old daughter of Kystolov and Elise. She has been Tyre’s best friend since childhood. Whenever their fathers would be called to war, they would live together during their tours of duty. As a result, they've grown very close and are rarely seen apart from each other. Asta is much more level headed than Tyre, though she’s also very protective of her.

Asta is an inquisitor initiate for the holy militia. Her preferred weapon is a medium crossbow, which she's customized herself. Like her father, she has a very keen eye and her marksmanship scores were some of the highest of her class. In addition, she's been trained as a combat medic for administering first aid on the battlefield.


Yukiko is a curious and energetic 7 year old. She's very smart for her age, probably a bit too smart. She often finds herself getting into trouble with her schemes. This usually ends up with her trying to connive her way out of it by pinning the blame on Eren.

Despite her mischievous side, she loves to play and dress up like her favorite heroes, hoping that one day she can be like the people she admires.


Eren may be 5 years old, but for what he lacks in size he makes up for with his heart. He shares Yukiko's enthusiasm for emulating the heroes in the Holy Militia, though usually opting for the more selfless roles. Unlike her, he prefers a more reserved approach and often is the foil and voice of reason to her schemes, despite how often he finds himself caught up in them.

Despite how many times she's gotten him into trouble, Eren and Yukiko are always together, and he would do just about anything to protect her.